Take Gao Ge home all the way. The president directly stripped her and left her in the bathroom.

Both the smell of wine and the smell of Su Jinghuan’s men’s perfume made him deeply unhappy.
How can others be tainted with the smell of other men?
He is in a bad mood and naturally says that he is not gentle and sings. His skin is sensitive and he soon turns red.
After calm down, the president’s adult suddenly felt a little guilty when he looked at this trace.
He drew a towel and wrapped the person directly and carried him out of the bathroom.
Singing for a day and getting drunk have long been sleepy, and now they are completely asleep.
Mu Yunze wiped off the water stain on her hair and threw people into the big bed.
Singing melody nowadays, I turned over and went back to sleep
He was squeezed in and pinched her and bit her on the lip. "Don’t worry, bad guy!" "
And this bad guy naturally doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. She is sleeping soundly with her dreams on her pillow.
Low sigh a MuYunZe habit n put her into her arms and put out the lights.
When can he be practical when she is around?
Since when do you want to hold her, even if you do nothing, you feel very satisfied.
He didn’t know or remember, and when he realized it, this woman had melted into his life like gas.
Gao Ge slept soundly, but it was not practical, because in her dream, she returned to the rental house with Su Jinghuan.
She was sitting on the balcony drawing with a brush, and suddenly someone called her a "little song" behind her.
Familiar with the voice, familiar with the feeling, she looked back
Su Jinghuan was wearing a white shirt and holding a cup in her hand.
In the afternoon, the sun penetrated and covered him with a layer of light gold.
With a gentle smile on his face, he was more beautiful than the snow scene outside the window, and he was crazy when he sang.
She drifted off and called "Miss Tang …"
Su Jinghuan came up to her with a smile and bent down to encircle her waist from behind and press it on her shoulder. "Song, can we get married when you graduate?"
Looking at him in confusion, she wanted to say "yes", but she couldn’t say anything when the words came to her lips.
She felt as if she had forgotten something, but what did she forget? I can’t remember it at the moment
"Song, will you marry me?"
Section 122
Su Jing’s joy sounded in her ear again but urged her again and again like magic sound.
She was a little upset and shook Su Jinghuan’s hand. "I don’t want to get married so soon."
Su Jinghuan’s face sank, and his lip angle smile suddenly disappeared, and the surrounding sunshine followed him to the light.
He suddenly stuck her neck and stared at her coldly. "You love someone else, don’t you?"
Love others …
Boom, another shadow exploded in my mind.
That overbearing and powerful man will never allow others to disobey her, and she is even more pervasive, occupying her life. Now even her heart will be compromised …
"How can you love others and sing you this water girl!"
Su Jinghuan suddenly increased her strength and sang. She felt suffocated and opened her eyes.
The result is a pair of gloomy eyes for men.
Her little darling shivered and smiled and said "good morning, husband"
MuYunZe don’t talk but looking at her eyes is really scary.
Singing loudly, scalp pins and needles in the morning. What is this?
Mu Yunze stared at her for a long time before sinking his mouth. "Who did you just dream about?"
Singing with a jump in my heart, I lied without changing color. "Did I dream? I don’t remember?" Why do you suddenly ask? "
MuYunZe coldly hook the hook lip Angle "it seems that since you are still a long lover loathe to give up Su Jinghuan, I can give you to him, but also solve your lovesickness and bitterness and become you two wild mandarin ducks."
Singing and sweating, she shouldn’t be talking in her sleep and calling Su Jinghuan’s name, should she?
And wild mandarin ducks! ?
President, there is something wrong with your vocabulary!
She smiled and put her arms around his neck, looked up and kissed him on the lips. "Why do I smell a sour smell? Whose jealousy jar has been knocked over?"
"Home next door"
Sing "Snow" and laugh.
The eyes are curved like two crescent moons, and the more you look at them, the more people are happy.
He couldn’t help but bow his head and chew on her lips for a long time before "torturing". "What was with Su Jinghuan last night? What did you promise me? "
He woke up and sang so loudly that he remembered yesterday.
She rubbed the sun before saying, "It’s just that your cousin suddenly insisted on inviting me to dinner and I couldn’t refuse."
MuYunZe twist eyebrow "Xiao Yin what invite you to dinner"
Suddenly I thought that I couldn’t tell Mu Yunze about the portrait for the time being, otherwise I wouldn’t be surprised when I sent it. She paused and sighed, "Women are very sensitive. Xiao Yin suspects that Su Jinghuan is having an affair with a little star in the crew and asked me to help monitor it."
The president’s adult hummed, "That little star is you, right?"
Singing hey hey smiled, "You should know that the ex-girlfriend is the creature that my current girlfriend cares most. Xiao Yin would definitely get mixed up in Borui if she knew that I was with Su Jinghuan before. You see how embarrassing it is for me to bow my head and not look up after you two are cousins. I can hide it from her."
Chapter 174 When you have a baby, call it Nianhuan, okay?
Chapter 174
"Don’t look at me like that. I also have to. Besides, you and Xu Anyan didn’t want to tell me before."

The two men have met many times. Master Hong naturally knows that Master Jiang has this strength.

That’s why they watch the Jiang family become a first-class family, but they are indifferent.
Master Suohong left with his family.
Then continue to search for treasures everywhere.
And just two days ago, these people found him.
At that time, he was particularly polite.
Only to suddenly turn against today.
The Hong family fought in a hurry, but Kegen was no match for the other side.
Even master Hong was overruled by Jiang Chang after a wick of incense.
Jiang Chang looked at master Hong contemptuously.
"I heard that you were a character in those days, but I didn’t expect to be so dumb now."
"You know me?"
Master Hong was one leng and then suddenly realized something.
"Last name is Jiang … You are Jiang family?"
"You finally reacted?"
Jiang Chang looked at him and smiling way
"You said I would regret it, referring to the master of the Jiang family?"
"Although I haven’t seen him with my own eyes, it is said that he is very strong, far beyond the middle period of shaking the sky."
"But …"
"Who told you that I was no match for him?"
Jiang Chang said this easily, without any worry about master Jiang.
It seems that there is no difference between Master Jiang and Master Hong to him.
Master Hong hitched a heart.
Should this guy actually hide his strength?
If so, that would be terrible!
Is it true that people can do it if they are less than 20 but have strength beyond the mid-term of shaking the sky?
Even if it’s Lingtian, it’s worse!
If this guy hadn’t lied to him, I’m afraid they wouldn’t have been able to avenge Hong’s family.
The ginger family probably won’t last long.
Ling Tian doesn’t know that Jiang Baifang and Jiang Ming mistakenly believe that Master Jiang is still alive, and he doesn’t know that a powerful enemy is coming.
At this time, he has reached the Zhong family.
Zhong Jia is no different from before, and it is still quiet.
He didn’t go through the front door but went straight over the wall.
Came to Zhong Ti’s room, Miss Zhong Jia.
Bang bang bang.
Ling day knocked at the door.
There comes an angry sound from Zhong Ti.
"get out!"
"Didn’t I say don’t bother me again?"
It doesn’t sound clear.
Ling Tian smiled and pushed through the door.
"Who is so short-sighted as to dare to make Miss Zhong angry?"
"It’s you!"
See ling tianzhong twips one leng.
Then turned away from ling day sneered.
"What are you doing here?"
"Do you think that the Zhong family is plotting to spy on us again?"
Chapter 1166 Do you think I believe it?

Without knowing it, Boris and Mikhail are getting impatient at the window, and their cigarettes and horses are about to run out. If Frank Costello Genovi doesn’t come over, it will be a bad thing. Just when Boris and Mikhail are getting more and more desperate, Mikhail suddenly blurted out, "Let’s do it!"

Frank costello Genovi didn’t seem to hear him clearly. He asked again, "What did you say?"
"I said we did it!" Mikhail turned around and leaned against the window and smiled at Frank Costello Genovi.
Frank costello Genovi plug once again confirmed what Mikhail said through the housekeeper octavio, and finally took action. He took two glasses of wine and came over. One glass was handed to Boris, and the other was given to Mikhail. At this time, the housekeeper gave Frank costello Genovi a glass of wine. Frank costello Genovi plug finally stood at the window. He raised his glass and said, "Let’s work together". Did you finish? Across from Mikhail and Boris, godfather Frank threw himself at them, and blood and brains splashed on the window wall. Mikhail and Boris broke the glass window, and a bullet hole appeared. Boris looked back and fell to the ground. Frank Costello Genovi stuffed his head, but Boris was sitting on the ground. Mikhail pulled it to the ground, and then a bullet hole appeared where Boris came to stand.
Or is the problem with Mikhail? The shooting direction was from behind Frank Costello Genovi. That’s not the position of Selyosha. Mikhail Cong not only saved Boris’s life, but also created an opportunity. He shouted, "Someone attacked us, Gusinski." Francisco and Alessandro immediately understood what was going on. They pulled out their guns and pointed them at Gusinski, but many years of Jianghu experience saved Gusinski. He rushed to the door as early as the first shot and waited for Francisco and Alessandro. When Alessandro drew his gun, he had already escaped from the room. Francisco and Alessandro naturally chased him out, and Mikhail and Boris were naturally not idle. They followed Francisco and Alessandro out of the room, and a housekeeper knelt down to take care of Frank Costello’s body in Genovi.
Everything happened in a flash, and people reacted quickly. Who would have thought that this luxury suite had become the godfather of the mafia generation? Frank costello Genovi stuffed his head like a broken watermelon, leaving a sad old housekeeper with the godfather body of Frank costello Genovi. Please continue to note that we update the fastest novel network w w w.
Chapter 60 Street Shooting
_ _ _ _ Please visit the latest website to read the latest chapter of mobile phone: M CC, etc. Waiting for Yuri in the stairs, holding an ak74 in one hand and waiting for the movement in the corridor? @++WWW * C was beaten in Frank Costello’s Genovi Suite, and Yuri rushed out. He rushed to the door with a gun, and just met several bodyguards who had already run out of Gusinski. At the moment when Yuri pulled the trigger, Gusinski bodyguards also pressed the trigger, and a burst of disorderly guns just hit Francisco and Alessandro, both of whom were chased out. Fortunately, the other side did not want to pester them too much, protected Gusinski, and fought and retreated strong firepower to suppress Yuri in the doorway until the other side disappeared at the end of the corridor.
It all happened in a short time. Fortunately, Yuri wasn’t shot. Mikhail and Boris also rushed out of the room at this time. There was not much to say. Three people ran to the stairs in the opposite direction. Just as they had just run the first floor, the KGB team also ran into the stairs. But they obviously didn’t expect such a fierce exchange of fire. Several pistol roots couldn’t resist Yuri’s fire and Yuri was forced back into the corridor with a shuttle bullet. At that time, a unlucky guy was shot in the thigh. Yuri didn’t go to mend his gun. Now it is the first place to leave here as soon as possible.
All three of them tried their best to run downstairs. They just ran into the lobby on the first floor, covered in blood. Mikhail and Boris took ak74 and Yuri quickly caused panic among the guests in the hotel. The surging crowd rushed out of the hotel lobby, and Yuri saw Gusinski mixed in the crowd at a glance, but he knew that his marksmanship was not good and he didn’t dare to shoot others at random. The three of them chased him together and just walked out of the hotel lobby and met Xie Liaosha who ran out of another building.
Yuri gasped and said, "Gusinski ran over there!" Xie took along the direction of Yuri’s finger and saw that Gusinski had just got into a car and fled.
Xie Liaosha saw the process of Frank Costello Genovi plug being shot in the head from the scope. At the moment when he wanted a gun, three people fell to the ground at the same time. Xie Liaosha said that he would not have thought that someone would also kill Frank Costello Genovi plug. His first reaction at that time was "get out of here."
After Xie Liaosha abandoned all the equipment and left the room, he quickly ran into the fire escape and ran floor by floor. He wanted to meet Lou Yakov as soon as possible. Just as he walked to the 12th floor, noisy footsteps came behind him. Although he didn’t know what happened, Xie Liaosha could feel the danger. Fortunately, he didn’t encounter any obstacles until he rushed out of the building to cross the road. Yuri and they met. Xie Liaosha took the gun in Yuri’s hand and ak74 said to Yuri, "I didn’t have the gun just now." Someone else, please leave it to me quickly. "Say that finish before Yuri, they promised to smash a car parked on the side of the road, hit the door, sit in, drag out a bunch of messy lines from the direction disk and start the car.
Just at this moment, KGB teams in two buildings have just arrived at the street, and the street is in chaos. Suddenly, another shot directly broke the glass of Yakov’s car. Fortunately, no one was shot in the car, and Yakov kept his body down. The car quickly rushed out. Both Xie Liaosha and Vladimir, the KGB team, were attracted by a shot, and soon found the gunman. A middle-aged man with a sniper rifle appeared behind a car. This man was Alexander popov. Xie Liaosha didn’t think much about it. He went and gave the guy a shuttle bullet to suppress Alexander popov.
Vladimir was completely confused. Why did so many gunmen suddenly appear? He ignored his own safety and gestured to command his companion to follow Yakov’s car while rushing to Selyosha’s car.
Xie Liaosha was just attracted by Alexander popov’s gun, but he didn’t pay attention to Gusinski Gusinski. Xie Liaosha slammed on the gas pedal and chased him in the direction of Gusinski, only to see a young man pointing a pistol at his car. Xie Liaosha didn’t want to hurt anyone, but he didn’t control it at the moment. The young man jumped nimbly and fell on the front windshield of the car. Xie Liaosha thought he looked familiar, but it was Vladimir who was lying on the window.
At the moment, Vladimir’s heart is really shocked. It’s hard to get along with the old saying. How long has it been since the escape from Lubyanka prison? The photo of the main culprit of the escape from the silver fox with the code name Lubyanka is posted on Vladimir’s desk almost every day. How can he not recognize this guy? It’s a pity that Vladimir has not come yet. Xie took a brake and threw Vladimir out and fell to the ground. Vladimir took care of his injuries and stepped up desperately to chase Xie took, but his two legs could not catch up with four rounds.
Alexander popov has been chasing Boris for a long time, but it’s a pity that he didn’t hit Boris twice. Just now, his accomplices found out that these people should die anyway. So Alexander popov followed Selyosha in the car and left a bunch of KGB people on the scene. Today, they stopped a mob from humiliating the KGB. The person in charge of the scene was calling for support while his men were collecting roadside vehicles.
Vladimir’s forehead was bleeding, but he touched it casually, but his face was covered with it. He limped to the person in charge of the operation and shouted, "I saw him. I must catch him and don’t let him get away."
"Who did you say you saw?" Asked the head in surprise.
"Silver Fox Lubyanka Silver Fox, the prisoner who ran out of Lubyanka," Vladimir repeated this sentence as hard as he could.
The person in charge of the operation immediately understood that there was actually a wanted felon in the KGB department, which was even more serious. He no longer waited for support and urged him to start chasing it quickly, so the road leading from the city center to the suburbs played a scene that Gorky had not seen for many years.
(ps, everyone knows who Vladimir is. The name is just a code name, otherwise it will be eaten if it is typed.) Please continue to note that we update the fastest novel network w w w.
Chapter sixty-nine Desperate car chase
_ _ _ _ Please visit the latest website to read the latest chapter of mobile phone: M CC. More than a dozen cars lead to the suburban road in Gorky city. The first one is Gusinski car. He is now trying to escape. He has been stepping on the gas pedal and jumping forward. @++WWW * C, the car of Selyosha is in hot pursuit, but because of the long distance and the limited performance of the car, it can only guarantee that it will not be dumped. The car of Alexander popov behind is harassed by KGB people from time to time, which really annoys him and makes him unhappy.
Popov fired a gun from time to time, but a battlefield veteran would know that it was a pistol if he listened to the gun. The effective range of a pistol was 50 meters. Alexander popov had to glance in the rearview mirror to know that the other party was far away from him. Now he is still behind, and those guys are playing in the waves. But because he is not familiar with the road, Alexander popov is driving a car and the KGB car behind him is getting closer and closer.
From time to time, the gun made Alexander popov feel very annoyed. He fumbled in his travel bag with one hand and the other hand. You know, popov came prepared. He prepared his own weapons according to wartime equipment. There were about two grenades in his travel bag. He took out a Grenade, held his left hand tightly on his foot, slowly stepped on the brake, and then put his hand out of the window. It was hidden and threw it backwards. After all this, popov immediately accelerated the pursuit of the vehicle roots and did not notice these sudden explosions. Let the driver be caught off guard and slam on the brakes to hit the direction. The high-speed car skidded uncontrollably on the road and overturned not far. The huge inertia made the whole car fly and almost hit the car behind it.
The hapless car blocked half the road. popov saw that the effect was good, so he kept throwing grenades back. Although most of them didn’t blow anything, a few of them exploded directly from the car. The team behind popov was in chaos and collided and rear-ended one after another. Even if it wasn’t blown up, the car was blocked in the back. The crisis was immediately lifted. KGB could watch the car in front go further and further. Vladimir Putin watched popov go away and the car fell to the ground angrily.
Now, Gusinski and Seryosha are the only cars left in the front. Alexander popov is finally not distracted from dealing with the guys behind him. He tries to shorten the distance between the two cars in front.
Xie Liaosha saw the explosion behind him in the rearview mirror. He was impressed by the car because this guy shot Boris and them in the street just now. Xie Liaosha knows that this person is an enemy or a friend, but now he can’t care so much. Killing Gusinski is the first one, or he will be released to the wild.
The more the car goes forward, the more desolate the road is. It has gradually changed from asphalt road to stone road in the forest. Xie Liaosha has been able to see the building in front. This stone road leads to the outside of the building. There is an iron gate at the door of the fence. There is no reason to say that this is Gusinski’s lair, but Gusinski has not arranged any hands here. He is not allowed to come here at will because Gusinski does not trust his hands to live with himself. One is to guard against police raids and seize him. The other is to guard against hands. Black eat black and do him, and Gusinski doesn’t have this lair. He has several hiding places. Usually, he changes his place from time to time, which makes it more difficult for people who want to master the law. Today, he has no plans to come here, so there is no manpower in this villa, so there is no manpower to help Gusinski. Today, Gusinski wants to escape here mainly because it is next to a small lake. Gusinski likes this villa very much, so he has built a dock on the lake, where a yacht can directly cross the lake and enter the Volga River, so that he can get rid of the people behind him.
When Gusinski car approached the fence, it didn’t slow down, but directly hit the chain to lock the door. Xie Liaosha and Alexander cars also rushed in one by one. Gusinski car arrived at the end of the road, and four people came. Three of them were Gusinski bodyguards. They hid behind the car and shot at Xie Liaosha car crazily, while Gusinski rolled and climbed into the building.
Gusinski’s bodyguard is also a pistol with a range of 50 meters, so he can’t hit him. Xie took hold of the trigger, and the powerful firepower instantly suppressed the other party. Xie took the car and directly hit the past, which brought great inertia and directly flew the three bodyguards behind the car.
Xie Liaosha’s shoulder was also hurt by the harness. He resisted great pain and solved the harness. He chased Gusinski as quickly as possible and ran into the building. Gusinski didn’t expect Xie Liaosha to break in so quickly. He hurriedly fled to the back of the house. Xie Liaosha continued to follow the past. At this time, Alexander popov also arrived. He didn’t let go of the three bodyguards at the door. Three bullets directly killed them.
Alexander popov cautiously broke into the building. He listened carefully to the sound in the room and slowly moved in the direction of making a noise. He didn’t know the terrain here at all. He didn’t rush in like Mao Mao.
After crossing the building and coming to a garden, Xie took and Gusinski finally met. They pointed a gun at each other. Xie took knew that there were enemies behind them. He slowly hid in the corner. Suddenly Xie took a look at a tiger in a cage. Although the tiger was in a cage, it startled Xie took. Gusinski shot Xie took a gun at Xie took, and Xie took a crazy fight back. They both played and hid, but they didn’t hit each other.
The two men were caught in the chaos by Alexander popov. He silently recorded their positions. From his point of view, he could see Gusinski hiding in the tiger cage. There was a stone platform above the ground, and Gusinski hid behind it to reveal the gunman with a pistol.
Alexander popov unloaded his shoulder and put a sniper rifle in his hand. One shot hit Gusinski and fell to the ground with the gunman Gusinski pistol. He covered his hand and screamed at Xie Liaosha with anger. "I will not let you go if I am a ghost."
Xie Liaosha wanted to raise his gun and kill Gusinski directly, but he couldn’t, because he found a problem, that is, he didn’t play. Please continue to note that we update the fastest novel network w w w.
Chapter seventy Escape from danger
_ _ _ _ To read the latest chapter of mobile phone, please visit the latest website: M CC "Who the hell are you?" Gorky gang? Mafia? Or someone else? " Gusinski shouted at Xie took and Alexander popov. Even if you die, always ask who did it. * Pop-up window? @++www* C
"You don’t know who I am, but I can let you kill you for nothing because you killed Nikolai popov. You must die today, but if you can tell me who killed him with that bulldozer before you die, I can make you die a little faster, just like that old bastard by the window." Alexander popov’s tone was calm and steady, but this made him shudder when he heard it.
"You’ve been chasing you just want to know this? Did you kill that Italian guy? " Gusinski grumpily asked him that although he had no definite evidence, he didn’t want to kill Nikolai popov for nothing. Who else but Gorky?
"Italian guy? What do you mean? " Gusinski’s words puzzled Alexander popov.
"Ha, ha, ha, I didn’t expect a generation of godfather Frank Costello Genovi to do this. It’s so interesting for someone else to fall guy. Ha, ha ~! Eh! Hey! " Gusinski accidentally touched his injured hand while laughing, and it was a sharp pain.
"You his mama want to fool me? Believe it or not, I will kill you now? " Alexander popov was angry. I didn’t expect Gusinski, who was dying, to dare to laugh. He picked up the gun again and wanted to drill another blood hole for Gusinski.
"Don’t shoot, don’t shoot. I want to tell you that you killed the wrong person. The guy you killed was an Italian mafia leader. He just arrived in the Soviet Union. That guy was not the murderer of Nikolai popov." Gusinski explained carefully for fear of angering Alexander popov.
Alexander popov’s heart is broken at the moment, as if 10 thousand grass mud horses were flying by. He thought to himself, "He killed the wrong person after a long time of fucking work, but forget it. It’s not a good thing anyway."
"So you know who killed Nicholas popov? Go on. "Alexander popov was shocked, but he still threatened Gusinski with a straight face.
"Who else, of course, is Gorky to help those people! After Nikolai popov’s death, all the sites were in their hands. I’m telling you, Gorky and I also had enemies. "Gusinski tried to explain that his eyes were wandering around and he was wondering if he could get out of here.

Buy nutrition for the elderly? But Gu He’s body can’t eat many foods, including individual ingredients during nutrition system.

Walking, her eyes were suddenly attracted by a magnificent clothing store.
Grab Xiao Li next to him and say, "Let’s go in and see if there is a possibility to buy a gift for grandma."
"Send clothes? Do you know their size? " Xiao Li doesn’t quite agree. After all, it’s not that the country bought it inappropriately and it can’t be returned.
"Look at how you talk so much." Ye Ran stared at his eyes and pushed the door and went in first.
Xiao Li spread his hand and "woke up casually"
This store is very big, with men’s wear and women’s wear on both sides.
Shop shopping guide rules stand by the door, dressed in blue and smiling
Greet a guest politely at the door.
Ye Ran understood the meaning of welcome.
She smiled and nodded, and then asked Xiao Li to help her with makeup and choose clothes.
Country F deserves to be the place where Fashion Week is held. The clothes here are full of popular elements, which makes people see things in a blur.
Every girl likes to dress herself up, and Ye Ran is no exception. She has been tortured by trivial things for several months and has never treated herself well.
She took a sweater hanging on a rack and felt comfortable. She also liked the color.
Stuttering and asking the shopping guide if you can have a try.
The shopping guide said that she could then take her to change clothes.
Before changing the mirror, I turned around, and the fit of the clothes was well outlined with her graceful waist, and the overall effect was very good.
Even Xiao Li praised the beauty again and again after watching it, making her buy it.
So beautiful, of course she wants to take it away.
One thing was unsatisfied, and she looked at it again. This time, she didn’t try it one by one. It was not bad there, so she reached out and asked the shopping guide to wrap it up.
Xiao Li was shocked by his flamboyant appearance. He paid tribute to "the life of a rich and wealthy wife is cool. buy buy buys the boss at will, and you are almost inflated."
"No, I didn’t buy some clothes to swell up. Why don’t I be beautiful and give Gu Lengchen long noodles?" Ye Ran watch while the so-called said
"Look at this price for more rhetoric. I’ve been working overtime for more than a month in your clothes."
"That’s all for now. I won’t buy more for the time being."
Ye Ran finished his footsteps and involuntarily went to the men’s wear area
This Xiao Li came to the spirit. He carried Ye Ran Zhanli with a sly smile. "Eldest brother bought a gift for Gu Zong? This is the most important thing. If you want to sit tight and take care of your family, you will have no problem. "
"I know that now that I’m here, I won’t retreat easily."
A pair of glittering and translucent buttons in the talking counter attracted Ye Ran’s eyes.
She pointed through the glass layer and told the shopping guide that she wanted to see it.
Exquisite, compact and perfect in workmanship, this gift seems to match Gu Lengchen very well.
"Is that okay?" Ye Ran asked Xiao Li.
"It’s essential to wear a suit cufflinks all the year round." Xiao Li feels good.
"That’s all right."
Ye Ran took out his wallet card and went to the cashier to hand it to the cashier.
After entering the password, the cashier pressed a few keyboards on her brain and returned the card to her.
When she put the card in her wallet, she suddenly realized that Gu Lengchen must have received the message. I wonder what his face is when she spent so much money.
As usual, the family of Gu Jia Villa in Xinghai City gathered together to chat and enjoy the prime-time video drama.
Suddenly Gu Lengchen’s cell phone rang and they ignored it.
He called to see if it was from the bank, and the amount of money was not small
Gu Lengchen raised his eyebrows and said nothing. He put his mobile phone on the sofa and continued to drink white water with Gu He.
"Buzz …!" After a while, it rang again.
Here at the same time, several people turned their attention to him. Cui Relan directly asked, "Who is looking for you? Work? "
Gu Lengchen’s short message is another record sent by the bank.
He simply said, "No, it’s a spam message."

"Why are you laughing so hard?" Song Yuyan grabbed her.

Gu Jiujiu put his little hand around his neck. "I’m very happy that Carlisle is going to give a concert, and then he invited me to be his concert guest and perform with him."
Song Yuyan’s eyes narrowed slightly when he heard Carlisle’s name.
Gu Jiujiu said at once, "Song Yuyan, don’t think wrong. Carlisle and I have normal contacts and there is nothing messy."
Little nasty explained to him.
Song Yuyan chuckled that he was uncomfortable, but he also knew that there was nothing between them for several times.
"I know"
See him say so Gu Jiujiu also rest assured.
About a week before Carlisle’s concert, she and Carlisle discussed and finalized the repertoire of the concert and rehearsed accordingly.
At home, she hasn’t been idle and has been practicing the piano.
Song Yuyan is always with her when she plays the piano, and he will accompany her as long as she practices.
For him, Gu Jiujiu feels very warm in his heart.
After the practice, Song Yuyan handed her a cup of warm milk.
"Song Yuyan, will you feel chatting when you practice with me every day?" She asked.
Song Yuyan chuckled and shook his head "no"
He doesn’t feel bored when he practices with her every day, but he feels very comfortable when he watches her practice every day.
It’s so comfortable that she can give it to him
Suddenly it was Carlisle’s concert day.
Song Yuyan accompanied her to the meeting this day.
She is preparing backstage. She is wearing a aquamarine dress, and her delicate face has a little light makeup. The whole person looks elegant and cute.
Carlisle looked at the woman in front of him and couldn’t help praising "jiujiu is so beautiful"
The first half of the concert was Carlisle solo, and Gu Jiujiu didn’t play until halftime.
She watched Carlisle play backstage and couldn’t help falling into it with Carlisle’s music.
"It’s nice," she could not help but sigh.
There was a sudden chuckle, and she looked at Carlisle’s assistant.
"We Carlisle practiced piano at the age of three, and he is a musical genius. His musical attainments are hard to compare with those of ordinary people," said the assistant proudly.
Gu Jiujiu smiled and nodded in agreement with the assistant.
"But … you are also good," said the assistant suddenly.
Gu Jiujiu Zheng then heard his assistant continue to say, "Carlisle can’t see many people. He has traveled around the world and seen many people with musical attainments. You are one of them, which proves your strength."
Gu Jiujiu looked at Carlisle on the stage. He played as if Carlisle was the king of music.
She thinks her biggest dream is probably to be like Carlisle!
In a blink of an eye, the concert entered the midfield and Gu Jiujiu was about to stage.
Taiwan Carlisle said a few words, and it was a warm applause with the background surge.
Gu Jiujiu calmed down and walked off the stage with a piano.
As soon as she appeared on the stage, she suddenly became quiet.
This silence lasted for two seconds, and then it was amazing.
"Today, the special guest of my concert is Gu Jiujiu, Miss Gu and I met Miss Gu by chance, and this song is dedicated to you here by Miss Gu and me."
Carlisle said that there was a burst of enthusiasm backstage? palm
The light suddenly dimmed, followed by two beams of light hitting two people respectively. Gu Jiujiu picked up the sogeum and slowly flowed out with her arm moving the piano.
Song Yuyan quietly looked at the little man.
She wears a aquamarine skirt and shines on her. She plays the piano and enjoys the stage quietly, so that she looks like a princess in a fairy tale!
Taiwanese people were very quiet when they played, but when they finished playing, the backstage surged like thunder.
Taiwan Gu Jiujiu breathed a deep sigh of relief after putting the piano!
Fortunately, everything went well.
Although she is not the main character of this concert, it is a Carlisle concert and her first time in such a large concert. She is really afraid of mistakes.
Fortunately, everything is going well.
Gu Jiujiu just came back from Taiwan and saw Song Yuyan come in.
"How about my performance? Is there anything wrong? !” She asked him hastily.
Song Yuyan chuckled and stroked her forehead. "The performance is perfect without you."
After hearing what Song Yuyan said, her heart was relieved.
She continued to watch Carlisle play backstage until the concert was over
"jiujiu is really great." Carlisle gave Gu Jiujiu a big hug as soon as she saw her backstage.
Section 61
It was just when he let go of Gu Jiujiu that he felt a cold light from a man!
Carlisle took a look at Song Yuyan and then said, "Celebrate the hug!"
After he met Gu Jiujiu, he also knew that Gu Jiujiu had an owner.
"Carlisle, your concert was really successful. It was very good. I was eye-catching!" Gu Jiujiu said
It’s the first time that she can see the clip of Carlisle concert on the internet, and it’s even more wonderful that she participated in it
Carlisle smiled. "Your performance is the finishing touch."
Carlisle wanted them to celebrate together, but the assistant woke him up and had a busy schedule, so he could do it.
"We must celebrate sometimes," Carlisle said.
Gu Jiujiu smiled and nodded. "Well, definitely!"
Song Yuyan took Gu Jiujiu’s hand outside and walked towards the parking lot.
At this time, the concert had just ended, and it was not long before the audience just dispersed outside.
When they heard some audience passing by, they talked and lamented that Carlisle played and that Gu Jiujiu and Carlisle were perfect.

Can easily crush the monster beast in the early days of shaking heaven, and it didn’t matter if he shook heaven in the middle …

It’s just a meal for each other.
You can’t go out without going out.
He is protecting Jiang Ming, and he will be punished if anything happens to Jiang Ming.
"Miss Jiang …"
The old man sighed and walked out of the shadows.
Ginger twist a head to see his one eye expression didn’t change much.
It is very strong in the middle period of shaking the sky.
But in front of Erha, I also beg for mercy.
"Who are you?"
"My name is Jiang Baifang and Uncle Jiang Ming."
The old man avoided Erha and came to Jiang Yu.
Jiang Ming must keep it, but the monster obviously won’t listen to him.
So if we can’t talk it over, he can hold Jiang Yu hostage … Wait!
He suddenly realized that something was wrong.
Ling Tian said that Master Jiang was killed by this monster?
In that case, why does this monster protect Jiang Yu?
Maybe this monster will start work on Master Jiang because of Jiang Yu?
You shouldn’t.
What reason does Jiang Yu have to attack Master Jiang?
Before Jiang Baifang thought of Bai Jiangyu, he interrupted his thoughts.
"Oh …"
"You want to avenge him?"
Before chapter 1162, you can go back alive.
Jiang Baifang was startled and looked at his eyes.
See two ha didn’t move this just relieved.
What a joke!
When the monster is dead?
"Miss Jiang joked that I am an old guy over half a year old who has nothing to do to help people take revenge?"

The old shopkeeper suddenly saw the guy in Longjie’s waist and immediately guessed the origin of these people. His heart was thumped with a nod and a smile, and he turned around and walked away. He whispered, "Go and tell you that Uncle Wang is here."

The children rolled and crawled and ran to the village. Zou Kai appeared in front of the young man unnoticed. A face startled the young man. Zou Kai looked at the young man and said, "What are you doing?"
The old shopkeeper far saw Yu Mu, who hurried over, and stopped him one step ago. He put his arm around the old shopkeeper’s shoulder and said with a smile, "Come and sit down. My eldest brother wants to talk to you."
Zou Kai slipped this guy back to the tea stall, and the father looked at each other in the mind. It was so cool that he fell to Hu’s hand. Even if he told Ma to finish the baked wheat cake and drink a mouthful of tea, he laughed. "Don’t be afraid of us, old shopkeeper, but don’t worry, we never make plans from China. I heard that there is a Maoershan here."
The old shopkeeper pointed to the left. "That’s the one who heard the old people say that it used to be a cave for the Qing soldiers to hide soldiers, but it has been abandoned for a long time."
Ma Hang nodded. The Maoer Mountain is actually a hill with a series of hills connected with continuous ups and downs, but it is densely forested. At night, it is called the Night Cat Paradise, where the sad night cats gather and scream one after another. People in this area say that Maoer Mountain is a ghost mountain, and only the dead are willing to stay with the night cats. The original path of Maoer Mountain is occupied by weeds, and there is no gap in the forest to grow vigorously. From the surface, it is simply an airtight natural barrier.
"Thanks for the old shopkeeper" Ma Hang got up and put a silver dollar on the table and went out. Longjie looked at the old shopkeeper and his son with a stunned expression and smiled. "My eldest brother is a good man who specializes in dealing with Japanese ghosts. Don’t be afraid to do whatever you want."
Looking at the silver dollar, the young man said to the old shopkeeper, "Dad, if you don’t rob us, give us back our money."
The news of a new gang of bandits in Maoershan walked away in the chariot, and the old shopkeeper tea stall suddenly became a gathering place in the chariot. The old shopkeeper took pains to describe the horse line and others in detail to the villagers one by one, took out the horse line and gave me the silver dollar, saying, "This is the lock head. He said that China people are dedicated to dealing with Japanese and traitors. The lock head is young and looks like a master with stunts. His hands are also awesome."
More and more gods have known about Maoershan for more than ten miles in Fiona Fang, and this horse trip has also turned into a circle. Killing black blind and kicking the female blade to death can go up and down the stairs, and the magic can be changed at will. Those people who are bullied by the Japanese are all attracted to vote for Maoershan.
The noise of Maoershan has certainly attracted the attention of Xu Datou and the Japanese. Xu Datou said that a fox with flowers can block a block, but the Japanese will not allow such a force around him to consider whether Maoershan must be destroyed from the perspective of security or psychological warfare. Gang Yoshio believes that the gendarmerie and the police station will maintain close cooperation and completely destroy Maoershan.
As soon as MuYunChen felt something was wrong, sure enough, the news that Longjie brought back from Harbin made everyone feel very difficult. Although they now have No.100 brothers, they have no weapons. Even if they do, most of the old hunting sleeves are sticks. At this time, let alone the Japanese, even if hundreds of policemen come to Maoershan, they will be scattered. This matter has been discussed with MuYunchen and Liu Wusan people for three days.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-two Beauty
The police chief of Shuangcheng had a long braid from beginning to end. Zhang Lin was in charge of the Northeast, and once he died, he ordered to draw a clear line with Manchu. Everyone had to cut the braid, but Zhang Lin acquiesced when he saw that he was a hero. Now Puyi succeeded to the throne, and the braid was regarded as a great hero to safeguard Manchu. Puyi personally wrote a letter to change the braid from a small policeman to the police chief of Shuangcheng.
Hu bian has a fierce face and speaks with a rough atmosphere. He doesn’t like money but likes women to make him look at women. He has never escaped from his palm. In just over a month, he has a seven-room concubine in Shuangcheng. Besides the Japanese stationed in the Shuangcheng garrison brigade, Hu bian can be regarded as the local tyrant who used Puyi to write Hu bian and even ignored the county magistrate.
What kind of police officers are there naturally, and these police officers are also domineering in the twin cities. People can just show their kindness with the help of Hu Bian, and they also turn a blind eye to Hu Bian, which makes Hu Bian even more unscrupulous.
Rose is the only way to go back to Changchun Shuangcheng. The streets of Shuangcheng are very narrow, and the roses have no luggage. They don’t hire a car to go to the train alone. There are not many pedestrians in the street, and the roses are in a hurry. He is afraid of missing the train. Rose is dressed in men’s clothes and wearing a black student hat. She is thin and particularly thin.
Far away, a few policemen are coming towards this side with a shake and a shake. As they walk naked, they are wearing toothpicks. Seven policemen should drink a lot and walk unsteadily one by one.
People like Rose are most afraid of touching policemen and Japanese people. She unconsciously pulled the brim of her hat and walked to the side of the road, passing by these policemen. Fortunately, they didn’t notice her.
When the rose has passed the police, one of the rat-eyed and rat-headed guys sniffed hard and looked back at the rose. Hey, hey, smiled and hurried to Hu Bian’s side. "Chief, look at that." This little finger pointed to the back of the rose and smiled low. "That’s a woman. You can’t go wrong with that figure."
Even if a sow walks past him, if someone says it’s a great beauty, he will believe it’s true. Hu Bian also laughed. "Brothers stopped the man to see if the mouse said it right."
Seven policemen yelled at a movie, turned around and shouted at Rose, "Stop!"
Rose has already sensed the danger, and she quietly put a gun in her bag. Then she thought, No, it’s a double city. The Japanese sent heavy troops here to start work, and it’s hard to escape. She ignored the police and accelerated her pace.
As soon as the police see one by one, they chase after another. This is a good opportunity to please the beard. No one wants to let go of the rose. The police chase faster as they go.
The mouse sniffed at Hu Bian again. "Chief, smell this fragrance. I promise that woman is absolutely a peerless beauty."
Hu Bian also sniffed like a mouse. He smelled thick alcohol and hey hey smiled. "That woman is also a drinker."
Rose saw that she couldn’t escape, turned around and got into an alley next to her, and the police quickly followed her. The mouse shouted, "Director, that girl can’t escape. It’s a dead end. Go, go, go."
Rose walked forward for a while and saw a dead end. She looked back and saw that the police were not far from him. The walls were not too high. She took out the baggage, threw the pistol, jumped over the courtyard wall of a house and got into the courtyard. The police chased and saw a baggage to make sure she ran over the wall.
"Where are you?" The mouse made a hullabaloo about and grabbed the baggage and took a look at it. There were women with rouge and clothes, and there was a pink Chinese-style chest covering mouse. "Look, chief."
Hu Pang’s eyes lit up. "Call the brothers to seal off the city. I won’t be named Hu Kuai until I find this Ni."
The police in Shuangcheng Whistle kept calling the nearby police to support the director’s only hobby. Are the police crazy? Are the roses running around or stuck in a courtyard? The police are searching from door to door, and it looks like they will find here. Rose is hiding in the corner and thinking about getting out.
Hu bian is sitting in a rickshaw to command the police. Be careful. Never let go of the clues. Finding the rose Hu bian makes people borrow military dogs from the Japanese. It can be said that by hook or by crook, a woman has tried her best.
The military dog kept barking at the first hospital. The mouse laughed. "The director found it. It’s right there."
"Ha ha ha" Hu Bian came from the car, and his huge body almost didn’t break the waist of the boy. "Break the door and surround this place. Don’t let her run away again. Hurry up, hurry up."
"Door-to-door" police officers are crazy. They usually slam the door hard. Roses stick out their heads from the wall. Immediately, police officers shout, "This way, this way, she is inside."
The owner of the house has long been scared to hide in the vegetable cellar and dare not come out. Rose holds the gun in her hand and stares at the door. If anyone dares to come in, it must be dead. On both sides of the roof, police have climbed to see the situation clearly with the help of high advantages. Rose is hiding by the door. A policeman shouted at the face, "Be careful. She has it in her hand."
"Bang!" A shot went off, and the last word of the propaganda guy was not said. The rose prefect shot and his body fell to the ground along the eaves. Several other policemen on the roof rushed to the ladder, and everyone wanted to be the first to go to the rose. Several policemen on the roof were knocked down, and Cong all hid on the other side of the roof, and the idiots guarded the ladder and became the target of the rose.

Not surprisingly, when Master Wang retired as an official, it was when Wang Dagong took office.

This family background is in Xuanfu Town, a wasteland in the north, and it is also an absolute hero in Jiangnan.
But this Wang Ergong is over forty, although his wife is dead, but this fellow is a romantic. At this age, he has not done a few wicked things on business, but he has done a lot.
Miss Qujia’s marriage was also the first of others, because Wang Ergong was surprised when he saw Miss Qujia when a wang xing Shanxi merchant treated him years ago.
How can Qu Rui refuse the temptation that Wang Ergong is a second wife?
Knowing that the general trend is a pit of fire is only half-hearted.
After all, although the Qu family is a noble family in Shanxi, it is still far from being compared with the royal family of Xuanfu, which is full of dignitaries.
Frankly speaking, in this state, if Li Yuanqing tries his best from the front, he must seek the opinions of Miss Qu’s family.
At this time, although it is a night visit, if you go out, it will inevitably hinder the name of Miss Qu’s family, but in this situation, Li Yuanqing can’t care so much.
Shun knocked at the door, and soon there came a letter inviting Li Yuanqing in.
Miss Qu’s house differs from Zhang Yunniang’s house by a few bases, which is a specification. Li Yuanqing entered the sitting room and served tea. For a while, Miss Qu’s house came out gaunt but more exciting.
Li Yuanqing could see that she should have cried just now and just repaired her makeup.
Lotus son soon left the room. Miss Qu Jia and Li Yuanqing both had no words. The atmosphere was silent for a while.
Li Yuanqing looked at Miss Qu’s pretty face and could not help sighing slightly.
Even if Tianjiao is talented, what about it?
The world is always dominated by men, and it is difficult for women to have a choice.
"Does Madame blame me?" Silent for a long time, Li Yuanqing finally shut up.
Miss Qu’s tears can’t help but fall again. "How can I blame Li Ye? It’s hard to change the fate of blaming me."
Li Yuanqing said, "Madam, in fact, there is nothing in this world that can’t be solved. See if you can be cruel enough to solve it."
Miss Qujia was stunned when she heard this. "What do you mean, Master Li’s Nujia is not too white?"
Li Yuanqing took a sip of tea and suddenly grabbed Miss Qu’s little hand. "Now I have two choices for you. First, I will take you away and take you to a new place. Everything can be renewed."
Miss Qu Jia was ashamed and anxious to get rid of Li Yuanqing’s big hand, but she didn’t have the strength to blush.
Li Yuanqing knew that the first choice even wouldn’t work. She gently released her hand and smiled slightly. "I knew you wouldn’t choose the first way."
Why didn’t Miss Qu Jia white Li Yuanqing’s mind? She quickly got up and gave a deep hail. "Master Li, forgive me for this matter. The slave family can’t follow you. If the slave family leaves, the Wangs will be angry with the eldest brother. Does this make the slave family feel at ease?"
Li Yuanqing nodded. "Then choose the second choice."
Li Yuanqing said with a sudden smile, "It’s actually very simple and simple to solve this problem by looking at the quality of things."
Li Yuanqing said his face suddenly turned gloomy and made a gesture.
Miss canal home is not a scream charming body trembled slightly "li ye this this such as making? This ….. No luggage ye don’t need I take such a big risk "
Li Yuanqing slowly spit out a foul breath. "Madam Wang Ergong is like a bad dog. If you don’t start work on him, he will kill people sooner or later. I will finish this for you and the horse will leave here. The risk should be controllable."
Miss Qu Jia shook her head desperately. "What about Li Ye and Yun Niang? No, no, I’m not worth it. It’s not worth it."
She couldn’t bear to be heartbroken any longer with tears.
"Madam, I am most afraid of women crying. Don’t cry, okay? How can we discuss it like this? " Li Yuanqing said and took her little hand again.
Miss canal home at this time how can not white Li Yuanqing mind? "Li ye nu house …"
At this moment, Li Yuanqing took Miss Qu’s home into her arms and "called me Yuan Qing".
Miss Qujia feels Li Yuanqing’s strong and fiery chest, and she has never felt a sense of security, which makes her gradually awake. "Yuan Qing I am not worthy of you to do this. I am married after all …"
Miss canal home said tears could not help but flow out.
Li Yuanqing kissed her gently on the cheek and whispered, "But I know you are still here."
"You …"
Miss Qu Jia was ashamed and angry. She just wanted to talk, but she didn’t prevent Li Yuanqing from kissing her mouth …
Two people have a struggle, but it is almost the last step when Li Yuanqing suddenly calmed down.
If Miss Qu’s sex is forcibly possessed by her at this time, it will be natural, and maybe it will get twice the result with half the effort. But ~ ~ After all, she is not so much ideological education experienced by later women.
This will make her feel that she has defiled her dignity and planted a thorn in her heart, feeling that she is not worth cherishing.
Feel the Li Yuanqing suddenly stopped Qu Minqiu also opened his eyes and looked at Li Yuanqing confused and at a loss.
Li Yuanqing forehead force against her forehead "sensitive autumn don’t here we go to your bed".
Qu Min Qiu Qiao’s face was about to drop water. She bit her red lip tightly for a moment but nodded gently …
All the flowers are gone overnight. Looking at the jade people around you, looking at the sheets and pieces of red blood marks, Li Yuanqing is also somewhat like a dream.
If future generations can marry such a daughter-in-law, it will be a smoke in the ancestral grave, but at this time …
Li Yuanqing also knows that he is in a hurry. In fact, things can be done better. Unfortunately, time waits for no one. If this step is not taken, there will be insufficient security for Li Yuanqing’s future plans.
What’s more, who can get such a jade person as Qu Minqiu?
But it’s hard to keep vigil outside and follow these people.
Perhaps I felt Li Yuanqing’s burning eyes. Qu Minqiu also opened her eyes to see Li Yuanqing’s strange but particularly familiar face. She hurriedly got back into bed like a frightened rabbit.

I didn’t walk a few steps before I saw the clouds coming. I was just about to throw the medicine to her. I hesitated for a while and took it back.

Yun leaned over to let her pass first.
Tang Meng raised his eyebrows and gave her a look. He didn’t say much, but he still moved forward slowly.
The cloud of "Empress Lingfei" was impatient and stopped her.
"What is it?" Tang Meng stopped looking back and looked like he was high above the Lord.
"Empress Ling Fei won’t ask me how my temple was hurt?" Cloud asked seriously.
"Do you know?" Tang Meng was so confused today in the underground palace of tears that it was obvious that she knew
"Don’t the Empress want to know?" Cloud rhetorical question
"The temple is really know well with you. How about Nafei’s consideration? Have an idea and tell the palace to make decisions for you." Tang Meng smiled and turned to go. Do you want to say anything? She’s not that interested. Although she’s just on one side, the princess’s position is not high, but she doesn’t want to fight with a handmaid. This girl wants to be jealous with her, and then climb to the princess’s position before coming!
With a cloud and a complicated face, I can’t vent myself, but I still move forward slowly and leisurely.
There is a fire room ahead, and I passed by one that I haven’t been in yet. It seems that I haven’t cooked a midnight snack myself for a long time.
"Empress, where have you been these days?"
At this time, I didn’t want to hear the sound. When I came back late, I was so tired that I went straight to bed and slept without disturbing many people.
"Boil this medicine" Tang Meng threw the bag of medicine in his hand and went into the house.
"Why is the Empress sick?"
"Where have you been these days?"
Two people hurry to go in and ask endlessly.
"Nonsense, why don’t you boil the medicine quickly?" Tang Meng frowned, unwilling to be as sensible as the handmaids in the East Palace. Why don’t you ask how to follow her more and more like its moments of beauty in a few days?
Two people still unbridled continue to ask "empress this medicine is for …"
An impatient figure flashed through Tang Meng’s eyes, and they quickly clicked on the dumb hole and said coldly, "Boil the medicine."
Both of them were frightened and hurried to cook medicine, and they dared not delay much. It was clear in their hearts that the empress would probably forget to help her solve her acupuncture points.
In a short time, the smell of the medicine gradually drifted away. While looking after the temperature, the two of them looked at Lingfei Empress in an incredible way and cooked very neatly. In a short time, they brought out a bowl of hot noodles with a fragrance that drowned out the faint smell of herbs.
Tang Meng simply eats the side. If people are unwilling to look at it eagerly, they all focus on the medicine pot. The heart is puzzled. Empress has such cooking skills. There is no shortage of delicacies in the East Palace. This ordinary bowl of noodles can be so attractive.
At this time, the footsteps outside the door came, which seemed to be deliberately trampled and not alone.
Tang Meng’s hands are stiff and martial arts people can naturally hear that they are still eating her quietly with their heads down.
People finally arrived. It was Ling Si who was supported by clouds at night and looked at Tang Meng coldly at the door.
Unwilling to hurriedly retreat to one side and leaned respectfully to say a word.
Tang Meng this just hurriedly got up before a face of obvious concern, "how did this medicine get up in the temple? It’s almost ready."
"Let’s all go." Ling Si’s voice fell at night and the cloud hurriedly let go, unwilling and unwilling, and hurriedly followed him out of the temple, which was a bit strange.
"What to eat?" Ling Si night came along step by step.
"Would you like to try the midnight snack hall?" Tang Meng took a step back and answered with a smile, I don’t know such a face of indifference, but he made her feel a little scared.
"Good" Lingsi night is not difficult to sit at the table.
"Don’t I cook another …"
Tang Meng hasn’t stopped yet. Ling Si moved her chopsticks early at night and took a sip. There was a surprise in her eyes. It was a few mouthfuls that ate most of the noodles.
Is he hungry?
Tang Mengxin wondered if he didn’t say much. He always felt that this guy was strange. His mood fluctuated greatly on weekdays. What happened tonight?
"The medicine should not be decocted for a long time, but it can be served." Ling Si’s night light mouth is very dull tone.
"Oh" Tang Meng hurriedly do boil medicine to know little.
He brought the medicine and put it in front of him. When he woke up kindly, he carefully ironed it and sat opposite.
Ling Si looked at the bowl of medicine at night and then at Tang Meng, which meant a lot.
"Drink while the temple is hot." Tang Meng pushed the porcelain bowl in front of him.
Ling Si night is watching her motionless.
"The temple should not be decocted for a long time, but it can’t be heated for the second time. Drink it quickly. Male and female servants should go back to their rooms first." Tang Meng couldn’t stand this strange atmosphere more and more, and his first thought was to escape.
"Live" Lingsi night tone is still indifferent.
"Temple slow male and female servants back to the room first" Tang Meng did not stop.
Suddenly something flew behind him, and Tang Meng suddenly hid and threw it sideways. It turned out that the bowl of medicine had just been boiled and scattered all over the floor.
Tang Meng frowned and turned his head. Suddenly, he was shocked to see Ling Siye pressing one hand on his chest and a line of blood slowly flowing along his lips. "Aren’t you afraid of being too desperate for your father to be buried?"
Thirteen are very gentle.
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Ling Si looked at Tang Meng with a face of anger at night. This woman can be so smartly lost. Now she can eat food taken late at night so leisurely. Even the maid will worry about where this woman’s heart is.
"Isn’t the temple good?" Tang Meng left left or walked to come over.
"Very bad!" Ling Si night is still angry with her shoulder, and the whole body is bullied to her, and all the weight is put on her with scruples.

Jiang Yifan just drank wine and was attacked from behind. Han Zhaoxue was pressed on him, and his roots could not move and he could be passively beaten.

Essence to see people suddenly pale immediately before running hold Han Zhaoxue arm voice trembling way "elder brother what are you doing you don’t hit him"
"get out!"
Han Zhaoxue cold roar essence frighten fingers Yishan rim of the eye immediately red, but even so didn’t let go.
Han Zhaoxue was even more angry with Essence’s attitude. He took a deep breath and finally let go of his fist and pulled Essence’s wrist with a gloomy face. "Come home with me!"
Essence looked at a full face of bruises and blood hanging from the corners of her mouth, trying to get up from the ground. Jiang Yifan couldn’t bear to talk about it if he couldn’t leave at the moment.
Chapter 776 Fall out
She couldn’t give up her eyes. Han Zhaoxue saw clearly that anger broke out in her heart, and he was afraid that he could not control his emotions and dragged the essence away.
Jiang Yifan stopped them in the previous step. His face looked really embarrassed with a wound, but when he spoke, he did not lose the slightest momentum. "Even if you are her brother, you are not qualified to make a decision for her. Ask Bai Su to see if she would like to go with you."
This words just fell on the essence and I noticed that Han Zhaoxue took her wrist tightly for a few minutes. The strength pinched her head and hurt Han Zhaoxue, but instead of asking the essence, she looked at Jiang Yifan with a contemptuous eye.
"Who told you I was her brother?"
Jiang Yifan dazed just essence is not called this person "elder brother"?
Han Zhaoxue dragged Essence to the front, tightly buckled her shoulder and pulled a dull smile. "Come to Essence, tell him who I am and see if I can manage you."
Essence has a hunch that Han Zhaoxue’s words are definitely not what she wants to hear.
Her heart trembled dumb. "Stop it, brother. I’ll go home with you …"
Her tears swirled in her eyes, and Han Zhaoxue was upset. She begged him for nothing when she was young, but now she has. The more she looked at her tears, the more he wanted to beat her.
As a result, before he could speak, Jiang Yifan dragged the essence aside and said sullenly, "Can’t you see that she is crying? I don’t care who you are. Essence is my girlfriend now, and I won’t sit idly by! "
Han Zhaoxue endured for a night, and his mood finally broke out. He grinned and his eyes were dark. "Yes, like a man, you are her boyfriend, right? Did she tell you that she is our Korean child bride and is destined to be a Korean wife when she grows up? You say I don’t care about her? "
Jiang Yifan Zheng, they are still immersed in the sweetness brought by love at their age. Who would have thought that marriage was so far away? Han Zhaoxue’s remarks sounded too shocking for him to react.
Essence face has blood faded out, and the whole person is shivering in the wind. For the first time, she hates Han Zhaoxue, and he cruelly exposes her side that is most like hiding in front of others, which makes her self.
Seeing Zhao Xue’s care for Jiang Yifan’s ugliness, he didn’t notice the essence’s face and mouth, but he had to be merciless. "Take a look at yourself and you dare to touch her mind. Today, it’s a light day. Don’t let me see you pestering her again or I’ll see you again …"
Before he finished his words, he left him with a white face and ran out.
Han Zhaoxue eyebrows a wrinkly without lesson Jiang Yifan quickly chased out.
Jiang Yifan frowned in situ and his eyes were dark and inexplicable.
Essence rushed out of the bar and ran away. She stayed in the place where she was humiliated for even one more second.
Just because she belongs to the Korean family, she owes it to the Korean family. She doesn’t even have the benefit of pursuing the person she likes. Does Han Zhaoxue hate her so much that she must let her go …
"Essence, you live for me!"
Han Zhaoxue followed her car and poked her head out behind her, shouting that it was getting dark. Many vehicles came to the street and ran forward. Han Zhaoxue watched those vehicles pass by her with a heart like a roller coaster, and her voice was gnashing.
However, the footsteps of Essence never stopped for a second, and even when she heard him calling her, she deliberately accelerated her footsteps.
He drove in the driveway at this speed, which naturally caused the driver behind him to be dissatisfied with the sound of the car itself. After one after another, Han Zhaoxue spat out a national curse and stopped the car to jump and chased it out.
Essence A girl can’t compare with Han Zhaoxue naturally. Han Zhaoxue, a young man in his prime, soon chased her and took her by the wrist. A face of gloom and anger said, "Running around without seeing anything is a car trying to be hit-"
He didn’t finish his words, but he saw that Essence turned his head and his face was full of tears. Han Zhaoxue swallowed all the words left in his heart, and some words were uncomfortable. "Why are you still crying? You said that your tears are so much …"
As she spoke, she stretched out her hand to wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes. Essence turned her head away from her hand and looked at his eyes, which were once full of docile worship. At the moment, they were all disgusted and hateful
Han Zhaoxue felt that these eyes were like a sharp sword inserted into his heart. His brain was white and he didn’t understand clearly. The essence had earned him to run directly to the corner. It happened that a woman riding a bottle car passed by here and saw a figure coming out from the side. Without turning, she slammed into it.
The woman swore and got up from the ground to help her bike. Just when she wanted to scold a few words, she saw that the girl was knocked down by her, and she couldn’t get up with her face on the ground for a long time.
The woman stammered, "You, you kid, how can you learn to touch porcelain at an early age? I can still knock you out of this train. Don’t pretend."
Essence doesn’t want to get up. She has made a fool of herself in front of Han Zhaoxue today and suffered humiliation. She doesn’t want to stay in front of him anymore, but her left leg hurts a little. She tries to move a whole face and becomes white.
The woman next to her is still chattering. In fact, she has some guilty feelings. The essence of this dress doesn’t look like a poor man coming out to make a living, and the other person’s left leg is dragging to the ground in a strange posture. She is just an ordinary citizen and just this girl jumped out first. How can she meet this unlucky thing?
"You you get up and stop pretending …"
Before she finished her words, she saw a young man running over and bending down to help the girl up from the ground. "What’s the matter? Where does it hurt?"
White essence face big drops of cold sweat to drop lips was not a trace of blood Han Zhaoxue asked her tears fell to dumb way "elder brother, is my leg broken?" In addition to pain, she can’t control her calf.
Han Zhaoxue stretched out his hand and touched his palm. His knee was cut by the roadside. A long skirt was dyed red. His left leg and calf were bent into an abnormal arc and his knee joint was dislocated.
Han Zhaoxue’s heart seems to be pinched by one hand and he can’t breathe. He carefully holds the essence and tries to make his voice sound weak. "Don’t be afraid that it is dislocated. I’ll take you to the hospital now."
Chapter 777 Kiss
Section 59